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‘Free-Range Chicken Gardens’ Book & Black Chicken GIVEAWAY!!

Just like you, I love a good giveaway. To help celebrate Jessi Bloom’s new book, Free-Range Chicken Gardens, we had a virtual book launch and giveaway.

The best part is that you had EIGHT chances to win and got to visit some great new blogs!! Plus, you not only had the chance to win Jessi’s book but also The Fresh Egg Cookbook. And because I wanted my giveaway to be better than the seven other bloggers, I threw in a Black Chicken!

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Prize #4 – My FAVORITE Things Week

Who doesn’t need a pair of striped leg warmer slipper socks? I only take these crazy things off to shower and go to work. I picked up your pair in size Medium (7-8 shoe size) but can easily trade for a different size if necessary. Guys can enter too – one less thing to buy for the lady in your life…

Roxy Slipper Socks

8 p.m. Update: The Winner is #2 -Averybird!!

You can still read about our nightmare vacation story Renting the Ali’i Mana Ruined Our Vacation.  These socks are available online at

Prize #2 – My FAVORITE Things Week

I love these stylish nylon grocery bags. They fold up tiny so you can keep them in your car, pockets or purse for those unexpected shopping trips.

Updated 7:30 p.m. PT: TODAY’S TWO WINNERS ARE #2 AND #9! Kimberly & Kristi V.!!

If you have a spare moment, I’d LOVE IT if you’d CLICK HERE a couple times to read our vacation horror story and help us get back at the horrible people that ruined our vacation.  Oh, and I bought these prizes too.