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Problem: No Rain Barrel Overflow

We installed our rain barrel a couple years ago but never added an overflow. I had grand dreams, at the time, that we’d eventually add a couple more barrels and collect all the water we needed for summer watering. Someday we’ll do this.

For now we’ll just stick to the one barrel and add an overflow hose towards the top to redirect the water into the drain. AND since we’ve waited so long to add the overflow, you’ll notice that our rain barrel is now slightly lower on the left side.

This is where the water overflows down the side of the barrel and onto the ground below.

This will be my project for next weekend. For now, I need to get to work on my chicken coop. I hate power tools, so wish me luck.

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  1. Skyler #

    A great solution to rain barrel overflow is: the RainReserve Diverter Kit. Its a UV resistant and closed system that connects to multiple rain barrels. The RainReserve Diverter Kit also prevents: bugs, other critters, debris, and algae.


    September 18, 2009

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