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Chickens are Like Fluffy Little Pigs

I tried kicking the chickens out of the coop today, since it was coop cleaning day, but they didn’t make it any further than the doorway.

Apparently the cool dirt was calling to them, so they dug a hole and rolled around in it like little pigs. What a beautiful thing to watch.

It was so cute that I shoo’d them into the yard and removed some pavers from their coop floor. Now they have a little dirt patch in their coop and don’t need to wait for their weekly yard visits.

Notice how the hens and chicks are a family now and the chicks are getting bigger and fuzzier. Even the hens are looking healthier being away from roosters.

The picture above is of the chickens rolling in the dirt. Below are pictures of the dirty coop and the chickens taking a stroll around the yard.

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