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2016 Seeds Ordered! 

This year I decided to go with Baker Creek to order my seeds. Not for any specific reason except I did buy their catalog (on a whim) and thought I should put it to good use. It’s a beautiful catalog – not sure about the almost $10 price tag. 

Some of the more interesting things I’m going to attempt to grow in my zone 7a/b garden are melons. I ordered Minnesota Midget (70 days) and Katanya Watermelon (60-70 days).  I also ordered some dahlia seeds. Anyone every plant dahlia seeds? I thought it was worth a try since I do love dahlias. I’m guessing they’ll take a couple years to bloom? I look forward to finding out. 

I even ordered a new grow light for the garage — so I can have two tiers of starts. 

Anyway, now is a good time to start planning your 2016 garden. Do a little seed inventory and get your seeds ordered. Other seed suppliers I enjoy include Territorial and Renee’s Garden. 

Happy planning.  


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  1. Lib Davis #

    John use to have dahlias, they were tubers, not seeds. The tubers, you are suppose to plant in the spring and dig up in the fall.


    January 11, 2016
  2. I could wrong but the catalog is free from Baker seed it is a wait list
    but I have mine. I do know how it is to see a beautiful seed catalog and just buy it right then and there sometimes I buy just to support the shop, Baker seed company in Petaluma for one.
    thanks for the suggestions can not wait to start ordering seeds.


    January 11, 2016
  3. Most seed catalogs are FREE. Personaly i would not pay for a catalog to buy a Companys products.


    January 11, 2016

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