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Is the Chicken Coop Ever Going to Get Done?

Safe from the elements (at least the wind)

At least I got started on the chicken coop this past weekend. Some of you may be wondering why we’re putting the coop in front of such a nice big window and up against the house. Well, the view from this window is a 4′ chain link fence then my neighbor’s dirt pile, dog and bright blue house. Their kitchen window also looks directly into this window – we sometimes wave at each other in the morning.No need to worry about the dog getting the chickens, she could care less about birds and actually prefers possums and raccoons (yay). I’m still going to plant some bamboo along the fence to keep the chickens in our yard and block the neighbor’s house.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my neighbors, I just don’t want to look at their house anymore.

I also put the coop here because the dirt is horrible (for plants) and it’s somewhat sheltered from the elements. So it’s perfect for chickens! I also like the idea of being able to watch the chickens from inside the house.

I hope to start working on the coop again tomorrow since I need to get it done before the weekend is over – it’s crunch time! Picking up chickens the last weekend of the month.

Picture above is looking at my house and chicken coop while picture below looks out my window towards the neighbor’s. The hammock is mine but the fence and everything behind it belongs to them (including the rock/dirt sifter thing). I’m planting the bamboo in front of the fence to cover it and create a little sanctuary.

View of our neighbor's house from the coop

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  1. Janis #

    I’m sort of spatially challenged and I just did not “get” what was going on in these pics until I saw the post about the door to your new chicken coop. An attached chicken coop, how awesome is that? Answer: very awesome!


    May 24, 2009

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