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We’ve Got Asparagus!

Asparagus Crowns from Territorial Seed Co.

Millennium Asparagus Crowns (text from Territorial Seed Company‘s site)
Out-yielding some of the most ambitious asparagus, Millennium is quickly becoming a garden and cuisine favorite with an outstanding flavor. These hardy, predominately male plants produce succulent, high-quality spears for years. The plants are rust-resistant and perform well in medium to heavy soils.

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  1. Asparagus! How exciting! Nothing like being able to walk out your door and snap off some fresh stalks for your dinner.

    I’ve never seen asparagus crowns before – they are wild looking! How many are you planting? Will they produce stalks for you to use next spring, or must you wait two years?

    A friend of mine had an awesome asparagus patch and I’ve always wanted to try it too. We finally have a place with a yard now, but I’m still not sure I have a good place for asparagus in terms of size and sunlight…I wonder if they can be container grown? I have some really large half-wine barrels to plant in that could be a permanent sunny home (they’re on wheels.) Hmmm….must look into this.

    Have you ordered from / had much luck with Territorial before? I see they have mushroom logs as well – I had one years ago and have always wanted to try it again.

    Good luck with the asparagus! Can’t wait to see how it does.


    April 10, 2011
    • Aimee, We ordered 25 asparagus crowns and quickly realized that was WAY more than what we needed. If I was to order again, I’d get only 8-10. We’ve got about 5 raised beds and since they’ll be in the same spot year over year, they’re going to take up a lot of precious real estate. We ended up planting 3 rows of 7-10 crowns.

      According to the instruction sheet we should be able to pick some as early as next spring. I’m already excited. That’s the funny thing about gardening, you’ve got to be patient.

      I’ve ordered seeds and potatoes from Territorial and they’ve always been reliable. I also like Peaceful Valley. They both appear to be out of stock already. I ordered early this year since I missed out last year.

      Let me know what you find out about planting them in pots.


      April 13, 2011
  2. I ordered from Territorial this year. I found them online searching for purple viking potatoes! I also bought potatoes from Peaceful Valley, while I was there I added a few unplanned things to the order, strawberries, raspberries, and a wire produce basket. I love the drive up to PV a lovely company.
    We want to add asparagus also. I hope yours does well, let us know how it tastes next year!


    May 9, 2011

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