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My Garden Tour Recap – Slideshow

Since most of you didn’t make it to my garden tour on Saturday, I thought I’d post a little slideshow of the garden.  Read more

Our Greenhouse is (mostly) FINISHED!!!

Our greenhouse is done!! Of course we still need to finish a couple tiny things, like getting the tools cleared out, preparing the soil, and getting the shelves built. It’s finished enough for now. I absolutely love it.

We built our greenhouse out of unfinished cedar, antique windows and our old front door. It’s really just an expensive tomato cover and place to story my ‘sensitive’ plants over winter.

2010 Potager. Greenhouse was built where you see the green bean trellis.

Our new greenhouse! We simply moved the raised bed to a new spot in the garden.

Side view looking towards the house

Side view looking towards the garage (and our messy patio)

In the last picture, you can also see Stella and Mickey following me around.