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Help Needed: It’s Time for a Patio

Back Lawn After Mowing

We have a patch of grass in the middle of our back yard that acts as a patio with our outdoor sectional, bar-b-que, fire pit and table.

Every week we move all the furniture to the pathways to mow the grass. When done mowing we move it all back. This is very annoying.

We need a permanent patio. I’d like to add large pavers/stone where the lawn currently is with a ground cover between the pavers. Then add stone paths to the driveway and garage door – again with ground cover between.

By using ground cover we won’t have to mow but we’ll still have a green look.

This is where we need your help. The shape of the space is triangular and we can’t agree on how to create a patio design that looks natural and provides the two walkways to the garage and driveway. We also disagree on the type of stone, rock, pavers to use. I’d love to hear what you think about this project.

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  1. Laura Livengood Schaub #

    To start with, I would let the existing paths define the outer edge of the new patio. Remove the center part of lawn (remember, lawns aren't safe round me!) edge the whole expanded area with some nice oblong ledger stone and fill in with base rock and a nice gravel.

    Perhaps you could add a generous planting bed against the house wall to soften and add interest to the space. You could do all this in a day. Then live with it this summer. You'll soon know whether you need it to be any bigger.

    Once you know the size, you can invest confidently in the flagstone, which can be set right into the gravel. You could have groundcovers around the edges, but I tend to like to keep the main patio dry (easier to clean, level for furniture, etc.)

    The bed along the house could include kitchen herbs and other ornamental edibles (might even be raised…that would provide extra seating for the patio area, always nice!)If you want to get fancy it could be the same ledger stone as the edging.

    That's what I got, discuss amongst yourselves!


    June 28, 2009
  2. Fred Hoffman #

    How many square feet in that area, appx.? Full Sun? Part Sun? Which way is north? Thinking about running electric and water to that area?


    June 29, 2009
  3. Angela #

    Fred, the grass gets sun from 10 am – 6 pm; it does get a little early morning shade. I took the picture from the SW corner of the back yard.

    We already have an outdoor electrical outlet and water faucet pretty close to the area – our yard is small and our house is old – so we don't need anything too fancy.

    This is also the largest patch of grass in our back yard so we're trying to come up with a compromise. I tend to be like Laura and want to remove all grass.


    June 29, 2009

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