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Posts tagged ‘Veggies’

My Garden Tour Recap – Slideshow

Since most of you didn’t make it to my garden tour on Saturday, I thought I’d post a little slideshow of the garden.  Read more

What Was I Thinking? That’s a Lot of Seeds!

Between Territorial and Peaceful Valley I’ve purchased quite a few seeds over the last two years. You’d think by the size of this list that we must have acres and acres on a farm somewhere – right? Guess again. We live in a small lot in town. We’ve got four 8×4′ raised beds, one 4×4′ raised bed and a 9×5′ greenhouse.  Plus, space here and there in the perennial beds. Read more

We’ve Got Tomatoes Up The Wazoo

Since we had such poor tomato germination last year (I suspect using the heat pad inside the house had something to do with it), I sowed multiples in each pot this year. To my surprise, they all germinated. Then I had a hard time thinning the extras and figured my friends would take a couple.

In all, we have over 70 tomato seedlings. Today they graduated into their own pots with potting soil – a lot of work. That’s a big move from their cramped quarters in the sterile coconut mulch I sowed them in.

A little ridiculous.

Let’s hope the extras find homes soon since now they’re going to GROW!