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Inside My Secret Garden – Wordless Wednesday

My secret garden today.

Here’s a video I also took of my front garden today:

Our Walkway is Complete – Wordless Wednesday

Here's our new pathway to our front door. I love it!

Our front walkway is done!! Now to add sod and add finishing touches.

What’s NOT Blooming December 15

I thought I’d mix it up a bit this month. Since it was DARK and all my plants are hibernating, I took pictures of my winter interest plants (and a couple fun things as well).

1. Urn filled with Boxleaf Hebe, Black Mondo Grass & Scarlet Leader Cotoneaster  2. Oak Leaf Huechera 3. My Lion
4. My Espalier Apple Arbor 5.  Side of Apple Arbor  6. Japanese Maple
7. Old Fashion Rose  8. Red Twig Dogwood  9.  Ginkgo Tree
10. Wisteria Vine  11. Glass Balls (rescued from frozen pond)  12. London Pride
13. Holly Berries  14. Euphorbia  15. Stella
16. Euphorbia  17. Euphorbia  18. Scarlet Leader Cotoneaster Berries

Front Entry Mini Makeover

Front Urns

Back Yard Urn

Every couple years my front porch starts to look a little shabby. To spruce it up this year, I painted the porch a nice black color and replanted the urns. One of these days I’m going to resurface the front porch with stone and replace the front walk with a more natural walkway. Until then, a new coat of paint does wonders.

Left (front yard urns): Boxleaf Hebe, Aurea Heather, Black Mondo Grass & Scarlet Leader Cotoneaster

Right (back yard urn): Orme Hebe, Spring Torch Heather & Scarlet Leader Cotoneaster

In just a couple hours I went from hating my front porch to accepting it – almost liking it. I bet when the urns fill out – I’ll love this spot even more.

What’s funny is that last time I painted the porch I pretty much just painted it the color of concrete. Then because I picked a laytex paint it scratched off the show the green paint underneath – I hated it from day one.

Front Porch BEFORE

Front Porch AFTER

Click here to see what my house looked like when I bought it in 2005.