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Yes, I Cheated When Picking Favorite Plants

I realize I cheated by picking a plant family instead of a specific plant – I apologize. There's no way I can pick only 10 plants. I also don't remember all my plant names and have become horrible at keeping records. I'll try to improve in this area. Until then, enjoy my first six favorite plant families and pictures from my garden (most of them anyway). I'll post my remaining four shortly.

6 – Magnolia: My Top 10 Favorite Plants

This Saucer Magnolia tree is one of the main reasons I purchased my house. I love it. Last fall I got the smaller Star Magnolia bush for the back yard.

5 – Dahlia: My Top 10 Favorite Plants

Ahhh, the Dahlia. This MUST be my favorite flower since I own over 25 different varieties. I love Dahlias because they’re beautiful and give me flowers all summer long. I don’t dig mine up, but simply cover with Magnolia leaves each fall and they winter over just fine.

4 – Lilies: My Top 10 Favorite Plants

I love how diverse lilies are. I have a water lily, trumpet lilies, lilies that smell amazing, lilies with black stems, orange lilies…the options are endless. I get a new/different one every year.

3 – Peony: My Top 10 Favorite Plants

The Peony. An elegant flower and plant – I especially love the doubles. Even after the flowers are spent the foliage remains beautiful into the fall.

Pink Peony

Single Deep Pink Peony

My First Peony: Double Deep Pink

White Peony

Double White Peony