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It’s Almost Blooming – Wordless Wednesday

Saucer Magnolia

10 – Toad Lily: My Top 10 Favorite Plants

It took me a while to pick my last favorite plant, the Toad Lily. Surprisingly, it beat out Sedum, Echinacea and Red Twig Dogwood.

Random Unmarked Plant from Plant Sale

Random Unmarked Plant from Plant Sale Posted on Twitter

I found this little gem at the Snohomish Garden Club plant sale this past spring. When I brought it home I noticed the tag was missing and had no idea what it was.  I didn’t even remember why I picked it out. So I took a picture and posted it on Twitter.  Almost instantly my friend Jenn from Wisconsin told me it was a Toad Lily.

It was then that I knew why I picked it out. I love toads and lilies. Why not a Toad Lily?

Still not knowing what a toad lily was, I planted it in a part sun/shade spot by the cherry tree in my back yard. I figured it would stay small and I could enjoy the little spots on the leaves.  I’m not sure why I didn’t just Google “Toad Lily” to find out – this is what I normally do with new mystery plants.

Almost six months goes by and I barely notice the plant.  Mid summer I did notice it was taller than I expected so I moved it toward the back of the flower bed.

Then, earlier this week I was on Twitter again and my friend Kari from Connecticut posted a picture of her Toad Lily. I’m not kidding you, I opened the link, gasped, and ran to see if mine was as beautiful.

I had no idea.  I fell in love instantly.

Toad + Lily + Spots + Beautiful =  Top 10 Favorite Plant

My Toad Lily

My Toad Lily

9 – Hosta: My Top 10 Favorite Plants

I can never have enough Hostas. I buy new ones every year and still seem to need more. Even today I was thinking I needed some Hostas for under the Magnolia – the hydrangeas just aren’t enough. I love the big leaves, the colors, and the different shapes and sizes.

I’m always on a mission to find a huge leaf hosta. I have a couple big ones – but not THE big one. Maybe next year.

8 – Lilacs: My Top 10 Favorite Plants

I didn’t purchase a single one of these lilacs. I dug each of them up from random people’s yards. I then dug them up and moved them all again. That’s why they’re a little on the small side.

Another reason they’re scrawy, is because I was inspired to prune the lilacs to be more like trees. What seems like forever ago, I saw pictures of a town/island on the east coast known for lilacs (can’t remember the name) and all the lilacs were trees and not bushes. I think they look elegant this way. So, until they fill in and get more mature they’ll continue to be on the scrawny side. This doesn’t bother me since they still produce beautiful fragrant flower clusters and for some reason I can be patient with these plants.

I’m already looking forward to next year.

And YES, we have a movie screen on the back of our garage. Nothing compares to watching movies outside in the summer. In the garden.

7 – Euphorbia: My Top 10 Favorite Plants

Euphorbia is great because it’s evergreen and look amazing when flowering. The cut stalks make for a nice greenery in flower arrangements or can hold their own in a vase by themselves. They’re usually pretty tough plants but mine had a pretty rough winter this year (as you can tell from the pictures). All the heavy snow and freezing temperatures, sadly, killed my largest Euphorbia. I am happy to report that six baby plants were left in its place.