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We’ve Got Tomatoes Up The Wazoo

Since we had such poor tomato germination last year (I suspect using the heat pad inside the house had something to do with it), I sowed multiples in each pot this year. To my surprise, they all germinated. Then I had a hard time thinning the extras and figured my friends would take a couple.

In all, we have over 70 tomato seedlings. Today they graduated into their own pots with potting soil – a lot of work. That’s a big move from their cramped quarters in the sterile coconut mulch I sowed them in.

A little ridiculous.

Let’s hope the extras find homes soon since now they’re going to GROW!

This Year’s Sad Tomato Harvest

Other than our cherry tomatoes, this is it for 2010!

Veggie Garden Progress – Wordless Wednesday

Tomatoes are already out of control! Can you see the cages holding them up?

Nothing ripe...yet

Hoping for a bumper potato crop this year

Green beans are little behind but catching up FAST!

Hummingbird feeder

Tomatillos & peppers are finally showing fruit

She swore she was only eating bugs but I'm not sure I believe her...

Cabbage & brussels sprouts are almost too pretty to eat

Snohomish Master Gardener Plant Sale – Saturday from 9-2!

That’s right – this Saturday is the annual Snohomish County Master Gardener plant sale!   The sale features over 150 tomato varieties,  plants donated by Master Gardeners (from their own gardens) and eight specialty nurseries.

I went to the sale last year and LOVED IT!  To read what I got at the sale last year, click here.

The sale runs from 9-2 on Saturday only! Get there early so you get first pick of the plants.

WSU Snohomish County Extension
600 128th St. SE
McCollum Park, Everett

2009 Recap in Red

Starting at top left: blueberry bushes this fall; chicken coop and rain barrel; summer night dahlia; audrey grace dahlia; red rubber shoes; double peony; radishes; raspberries and blueberries; raspberry tart; vine ripen tomatoes; veggie harvest