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My Finished iPhone Phonograph

Well, I finished creating the iPhone adapter for my ‘phonograph.’ It works great! I’m a little surprised how well it turned out. I simply used PVC purchased from a local hardware store. I also found a use for the Dremel I purchased eons ago.

To make the PVC adapter I started with a 1/2″ tee and two 1/2″ end caps. To connect them I slid inside a piece of 1/2″ pipe. I used a hand saw to make my cuts/openings before gluing it all together. I then used the Dremel to sand everything down and to create the finger hole for the iPhone button.

I used another piece of 1/2″ pipe to connect the tee to the megaphone. Since the connection to the megaphone was loose, I hollowed out the wide part of a champagne cork to fill the gap.

Everything was spray painted black to match the horn.

Because I’m a huge sap, I downloaded more Billie Holiday & Ella Fitzgerald albums and created a phonograph playlist.


I got this idea from a Treehugger post using a old bike horn, click here to read it.