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My NEW Kate Spade Rubber Boots

I didn’t intend to buy new boots yesterday but just happened to run across these very unique Kate Spade rubber boots and couldn’t resist. After all, my two other pairs of rubber boots are a simple black and I do love cows.  Since I can’t have cows in the city, I can at least have cow print rubber boots.


New York rubber boots in cow print



Front view of my cow print boots



Side view of my new cow print boots!


Hunter Boots Working Hard? Or Hardly Working…

Keri Sue and I at the 2010 Carnation Farm Tour

Welcome My New Hunter Boots!


Used Armor All on left boot. Right boot has 'blooming.'


I’m happy to report I bought my first pair of Hunter rubber boots yesterday!  I really wanted a ‘fun’ color (like lime green), but ended up buying black. I just can’t help it.

I’ve been looking online for a pair of black Hunter boots in size 8 but they’re always out of stock. I guess this is another reason I should’ve picked a different color. Anyway. I finally found a pair at the Bellevue Nordstrom — the last one.

When I called about the boots they explained to me the boots had a white film or ‘blooming’ all over them. Apparently a natural aging effect. This wasn’t discouraging to me since Nordstrom has a fair return policy and they mentioned Armor All would clean up the ‘blooming.’

Since I’m impatient and always a sucker for something that needs to be fixed, I bought the boots. And guess what, Armor All works great!

10/13/2010 Update:

I was on the Hunter Boots Web site and found their recommendation to fix the blooming:

Every Hunter rubber wellington boot is made from 100% natural ingredients and small amounts of wax are included in the rubber compound during the vulcanization process that is used to make each pair. When exposed to certain environmental factors, this wax can “bloom” to the surface and appear as white marks.

This is not a defect with the boots, and is completely natural. If this does happen, you can wipe this blooming clean with a warm, damp cloth. We also recommend UV Tech* Spray which can be found at boating, hunting or fishing stores.