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I’m Considering a Composting Fence…

As you may know, I currently have a chain link fence running along the south side of my yard. To help hide the ugliness of the chain link, I covered it with reed fencing a couple years ago. Even though the reed fencing has made it more tolerable, I have a garden tour coming through this year and feel this is the one thing that makes my garden not worthy of the tour. Read more

My Favorite Garden Memories This Year

Since this is my last Wordless Wednesday post of the year, I decided to share some of my favorite ‘gardening’ events from 2009:

New Front Door & Painted Front Porch

Planting a Ginkgo Tree

Getting My Silkie Chickens & Reed Fencing

Fresh Silkie Eggs

White Lilacs Blooming for the First Time

One More Year with Pepper (R.I.P)

Blueberries & Raspberries

Stella Bella

Garlic Scapes & Garlic

Warty Volunteer Pumpkin

Veggie Harvest - Including Potatoes!

Discovering Toad Lilies

Stella Bella & Mazie Boo (Mazie arrived at Christmas)

Reed Fencing Covers Ugly Chain Link

Front Fence Covered With Reed Fencing

I’ve been trying to find something affordable to cover the ugly chain link fence along the south side of my yard for over four years now.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find 6′ x 15′ rolls of reed fencing for $22 each at Lowes. I didn’t know such a thing existed!

I picked up five rolls and started covering the fence the VERY SAME DAY.

The front yard after picture is above. I don’t have any before pictures because I hated the fence so much I never took pictures of the flower beds.

The back yard ‘in progress’ picture is below – you can see the weeds growing from the neighbor’s side of the fence.  As you can see, I still need to do some trimming but it already looks 100 percent better.

Anyone can do this little project in a couple hours. All you need are the rolls of the reed fencing and some black zip ties.

Back Fence While Adding Reed Fencing

Back Yard Fence After Reed Fencing

Update 4/29/2012: Our fencing lasted almost 3 years in our wet Seattle weather. I just ordered some bamboo fencing (at $60 for a 4′ h x 8′ w roll) to replace the reed fencing — in hopes that it’ll last a little longer. This option is a little more expensive.