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My Trip to the Master Gardener Plant Sale

My treasures

This was my first year attending the Snohomish County Master Gardener Plant Sale in Mill Creek. It was well worth the trip. Not only did it have plant starts and a vast selection of tomato plants but it also had a couple specialized nurseries selling unique plants.

I found two real treasures today: Aeonium Arboreum (plant in front) and Heuchera Marmalade (orange/pink plant in back)! Loved both of theses the second I saw them.

For the garden I also picked up Aeonium Pinwheel; Aconitum; and 2 Hostas (both big leaf one blue one green variegated)

For the herbs I purchased Berggarten Sage; Salvia Microphylla ‘Hot Lips’; Golden Sage; Rosemary; Cilantro; Italian Parsley; Dill; French Thyme; 2 Sweet Basil; and Mammoth Sweet Basil. Since I don’t have room in the new herb raised bed, I guess I’ll have to dig up some pots – that should be pretty cute.

For the vegetable garden I picked up some peppers, including Blockbuster Bell; California Wonder Bell; 2 Jalapenos; and a mystery pepper with a poorly written name. I also got six tomatoes: Ildi (yellow cherry); Gardener’s Delight (cherry); Big Beef; Stupice; Big Rainbow; and Ensalada (Roma).

This was my last big plant buying trip of the year. I still need to cover up that pesky fence and get some bamboo to shade the chicken coop.

There were a couple nurseries there that had amazing plants, including White Picket Gardens from Stanwood and the Desert Northwest from Sequim. Desert Northwest is were I picked up the Aeonium. He also had a great selection of eucalyptus plants; and some day I will have a eucalyptus tree in my yard. He did mention that he can ship plants if needed so check them out.

I Scored at the Snohomish Plant Sale

It’s always a treat to pick through the Snohomish Garden Club’s plant sale each spring. Even though the plants tend to be the same year after year – most likely since they’re divided/starts from the same gardens – it seems I’m usually looking for something different each time. This year I wanted to find a couple more Hostas and some ground covers. Unfortunately, I was so distracted by all the plants that I didn’t find any Hostas and got only two ground covers. Oh well. I’m more than happy with the plants we brought home.

As you can see, our wheelbarrow was full of new plants and I’m not even sure I have room for them. Here’s what I got:
2 California Bay Trees; 2 Black Mondo Grass; 1 Purple Heuchera; 2 Lime Green Heuchera; 1 Helleborus; 1 Hardy Geranium; 1 Purple Phlox; 1 Bare Root Pussy Willow Tree; 1 Astilbe; 2 Cyclamen; 2 Varigated Arabis; 1 Sedum; 2 Echevera; 1 Astrantia; 1 Lupine; 1 Bergenia; 1 Speedwell.

Not only was it great because we got new plants, but because we met up with our really close friends the Wellers and Sara, who came with her mom. I wish we could’ve chatted all day but it was very cold and we had a lot of chores to do at home. As did our friends.

I was delighted to see little Isabelle and Abigail – they’re growing so quickly! I can’t believe how time is flying by. I guess we’ll just have to visit Toby and Michelle’s one day soon to chat about their family and check out the garden.

Just my opinion, but, everyone should do their part to support their local garden club. By doing so, you’re contributing to your neighborhood and, if you’re lucky, you may run into some old friends.