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A Tuscany Garden

A couple weeks ago I got back from an amazing trip to Italy. We spent most of our time in this little garden for the villa we rented in Montisi. It was divine. 

What’s Blooming June 15 (or so)

I actually took these pictures yesterday morning but with all the Father’s Day activities I’m just now sharing. By the way, I’m on the bus so I can’t properly label the pictures. I apologize.

The pictures start in the veggie garden and move into perennial beds.

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What’s Blooming May 15, 2012

Well, I think this may be our busiest May yet – of course I haven’t looked back on prior years yet. I’ve been so busy with work, friends & family that I’ve been horrible at posting. Here’s my bloom post (all iPhone) and next I’ll post pictures of my new bamboo fence!

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Winter is Fast Approaching – My Winter Tour

I took a walk around the garden this morning to see how everything was doing – I took some pictures to share. Early on I was greeted by my local hummingbird. I was happy to see s/he was still able to find a couple flowers on my salvia ‘hot lips,’ hardy fuchsia, honeysuckle and toad lily. Poor little guy won’t have anything after awhile so I’ll need to make sure the feeders stay full.

I started my little tour in the front yard where the flower beds are already buried with leaves from the Walnut and the Magnolia trees – their winter mulch… Read more

My Garden Idea Board – Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest? I love it. It allows you to ‘pin’ (aka save) pictures onto bulletin boards. I used to do this the old fashioned way by clipping pictures from magazines and taping to a scrapbook. I’ve even found some of my old clipped pictures on Pinterest.

Anyway, it’s great for creating idea boards. Plus, it links to the sites that originally posted the picture and a lot of times there are instructions to go along with the picture – like the cement bowl pictured below.

If you’re not on Pinterest and you’re interested in joining, let me know and I’ll send you an invite. After all, you need to be invited to join – it’s exclusive. ;)

Here’s a link to my jardin (garden) board pictured below: