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There’s Something for Everyone at Jennings

Today was my first day volunteering at Jennings – one of the Snohomish County Master Gardener demonstration gardens.  As an Intern Master Gardener I will complete 16 hours of volunteer time in this garden. If it was closer to my house I’d be there all the time – it’s that amazing.

Not only are the garden “rooms” unique and charming, but they includes space saving techniques like vertical gardening, straw bale gardening and stacked raised beds.  It was hard to catch the charm in photos, but I still wanted to share a slideshow of the different gardens, trellises, arbors, pathways and plants.

The Jennings demo garden is located at 6915 Armar Road in Marysville and is open to the public.  Master Gardener volunteers will be on site to answer questions every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9-1 (May – September). It’s well worth the trip.

Heaven = Wine Country & Gardens

This past weekend we visited the San Francisco area for the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show and to visit Sonoma. The first series of pictures were taken at the show.  If you missed it this year then you should really check it out next year. It’s full of garden ideas, inspiration, shopping, seminars and shopping. Oh wait, I already said shopping…

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I need to add more art & sculptures to my garden. I’m missing the small details. That’s why most of my pictures are of items that inspired me and should help me pick affordable art to add to my garden.  The second set of pictures were taken at Cornerstone right outside of Sonoma. It’s a beautiful shopping area full of art and display gardens. It’s a must see when visiting Sonoma.

The last set of pictures are of wine tasting at Ravenswood and Chateau St. Jean wineries. We also walked up & down Lombard Street in San Francisco. Just because it was there.

While we were in town we also visited with a lot of great folks I met online through Twitter.

A New Gate for the K Homestead – Wordless Wednesday

Repurposing at it's finest! My BFF's new K gate & future veggie garden. LOVE IT!

Garden Show Pictures – My Favorite Display Gardens

Yesterday I attended the Northwest Flower & Garden Show and loved every minute of it. Today I’m going to share my pictures of the display gardens. Below are my show favorites; you can also click here to see all my show pictures.

I'm incorporating these evergreens into my garden for sure!

I love this rock/cement water feature.

I want this Golden Hinoki Cypress!

Loving the Corylus avellana 'Contorta'

Great green winter interest.

Great cold frame! Beautiful!

Cute veggie & tulip filled pots

My favorite! Maybe I can add one these to my next yard?

Aside from these pictures, you can click here to see all my show pictures on Flickr.

Northern California Garden Tour

This past weekend I took a little road trip to Northern California to meet some great folks I met on Twitter. This may sound strange to some of you, but it seemed perfectly normal to me.

Our total trip was from Wednesday night to Monday night; driving time was a little over 11 hours each way. We arrived at Carri’s home in Sacramento Thursday night — just in time for the first tweet-up with Katie and Kristi. It was great chatting face to face. Carri and her family were fantastic hosts and took us to many sites around Northern California during our three day visit.
It all started Friday with two garden tours and a Filoli tweet-up.

We started the day in Laura’s garden and ended it there under the red umbrella – drinking limoncello.

Click here to see Laura’s garden slideshow; click here for the thumbnails.

Rebecca’s garden was our second garden tour that morning.

Click here to see Rebecca’s garden slideshow; click here for thumbnails.

Laura, Rebecca, Carri, and I then met Chuck at Filoli (Fight, Love, Live) gardens.

Click here to see Filoli garden slideshow; click here for thumbnails.

Saturday morning we hung around Carri’s home and garden. We even got to see the plans for her new front yard!

For lunch we headed to Napa Valley to check out the wineries and do a little vino tasting.

Click here to see the Napa picture slideshow; click here for thumbnails.

Sunday morning I headed home. We took the long way through San Francisco so we could check out some of the sites.

Click here to see our San Francisco and Muir Redwood picture slideshow; click here for thumbnails.

We stayed Sunday night in Ashland, Oregon and pulled into our driveway Monday afternoon around 5:30 p.m.
It was a great trip – next time we fly.