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What’s Blooming June 15 (or so)

I actually took these pictures yesterday morning but with all the Father’s Day activities I’m just now sharing. By the way, I’m on the bus so I can’t properly label the pictures. I apologize.

The pictures start in the veggie garden and move into perennial beds.

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What’s Blooming September 15, 2011

Here’s everything blooming this month! Read more

What’s Blooming September 15

Not only am I late posting my Bloom Day post but it appears I haven’t posted anything in almost a month. Life happens. I figure I’m better late than never! Here’s everything blooming in the garden right now. I also included some of our berries & fruit that’s ready since I love that we can grow them on such a small city lot.

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day takes place on the 15th of every month and all started with May Dreams Gardens.

It Smells Heavenly

Lilies sure smelly yummy

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Video: Front Garden & Chickens

I got my new iPhone 4 and thought I’d test out the video function. It works pretty great – aside from my camera work and shooting directly into the sun.

Here’s the video I made of my front garden and some of my chickens:

Tips and video feedback are always welcome.