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Replacing the Reed Fencing…

The reed fencing we’ve had over the last three years has finally succumbed to our wet & windy climate. That means the dreaded chain link is back!

Even though I liked the look of the reed fencing, I want to do something different this time around.

For inspiration I collected various fence pictures on Pinterest until I could make up my mind. In the end I was pretty set on a framed lattice fence with finials on each post. The problem is that I wasn’t sure the lattice would cover the chain link enough. To test this I got a couple panels and observed the coverage over a couple weeks.


The result of the test? I wasn’t happy that I could still see the neighbor’s fence. So, I went out and bought some 4’h x 8’w bamboo panels at Home Depot (online).

This option is a little more expensive than the reed fencing but less expensive than the framed lattice I was hoping to do. I’m happy the bamboo will last a little longer than the reed fencing and provide even more coverage.

Fingers are crossed. I’ll keep you updated with our progress.