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Espalier Apple Arbor – Wordless Wednesday

Updated Sunday, January 15 with snowy version of apple arbor.

Bare Walls & Fences Rejoice – ‘Garden Up!’ Has You Covered! (Giveaway)

Garden Up! (page 69): Hop vine skirting telephone pole

As some of you may or may not know, I am a small space gardener who’s obsessed with secret gardens and pretty much anything to do with vines, hedges and espalier.

That’s why I think everyone should pick up Rebecca Sweet and Susan Morrison’s new book Garden Up!: Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces. This book is right up my alley! It’s full of amazing pictures and how-to’s that’ll inspire (corrupt) anyone into adding more vertical interest to their garden.

You think I’m kidding? Since reading Garden Up! I’ve purchased two plum trees to espalier, one espalier 3-way cherry tree AND just yesterday I ordered a hop vine from Peaceful Valley.

Since we’re trying to be self sufficient, these new edibles will be a great addition to our potager while adding visual interest to our last few bare walls/fences. I mean, look at the beautiful hops picture I stole from the book! Makes you want one too, doesn’t it?

The book also covers vertical gardening like succulent walls and Woolly Pockets. Two things I hope to experiment with some day. Plus, it includes plant recommendations, artwork ideas and creative materials you can use to grow your garden upward.

If any of this resonates with you, you will want this book.

Plus, if you purchase Garden Up! online, Susan and Rebecca are offering a signed bookplate to the first 100 people (click here to see the hand illustration by Susan). Just send an email with your name and mailing address to:

Garden Up! Cyber Book Party & Giveaways

Because this post is part of a cyber book launch, I have the pleasure of giving away a $25 gift certificate for Peaceful Valley ( Peaceful Valley is an online organic nursery and garden store – I especially like their organic fertilizer selection. Just think, if you win, you can get a hop vine too!

To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment below – winners will be chosen randomly. The contest runs for a full week, so check back on March 21 to see if you’re the winner!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party with just one prize. That why you have six more chances of winning!! Below is a full list of participating blogs and the prizes they’re giving out. The top link takes you to the blog where you can enter to win – the bottom link takes you to the vendor site where you can purchase the prize if you don’t win!

Blue Planet Garden Blog
Prize: Nouveau Leaf Wrought Iron Trellis
Prize Vendor: H. Potter

Gossip in the Garden
Prize: Fiskars tool basket
Prize Vendor: Fiskars

Compost in My Shoe
Prize: $50 gift certificate
Prize Vendor: Annie’s Annuals and Perennials

Prize: Succulent Living Picture Kit
Prize Vendor: Succulent Gardens

J Peterson Garden Design
Prize: $75 gift certificate
Prize Vendor: High Country Gardens

Prize: Wally One
Prize Vendor: Woolly Pockets

Disclaimers: 1. I did not purchase the book but was given a copy for review. My garden is pictured in the book (pages 10, 33, 74). I feel blessed I was asked to review the book and participate in this cyber book party. I would’ve purchased the book anyway because it’s a subject I love. 2. I’m excited I get to give away the Peaceful Valley gift card. They’ve got a fantastic selection of organic fertilizers and plants, and they have a beautiful catalog. I really did purchase one of their hop vines.

There’s Something for Everyone at Jennings

Today was my first day volunteering at Jennings – one of the Snohomish County Master Gardener demonstration gardens.  As an Intern Master Gardener I will complete 16 hours of volunteer time in this garden. If it was closer to my house I’d be there all the time – it’s that amazing.

Not only are the garden “rooms” unique and charming, but they includes space saving techniques like vertical gardening, straw bale gardening and stacked raised beds.  It was hard to catch the charm in photos, but I still wanted to share a slideshow of the different gardens, trellises, arbors, pathways and plants.

The Jennings demo garden is located at 6915 Armar Road in Marysville and is open to the public.  Master Gardener volunteers will be on site to answer questions every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9-1 (May – September). It’s well worth the trip.

Apple Arbor Perch – Wordless Wednesday

What’s NOT Blooming December 15

I thought I’d mix it up a bit this month. Since it was DARK and all my plants are hibernating, I took pictures of my winter interest plants (and a couple fun things as well).

1. Urn filled with Boxleaf Hebe, Black Mondo Grass & Scarlet Leader Cotoneaster  2. Oak Leaf Huechera 3. My Lion
4. My Espalier Apple Arbor 5.  Side of Apple Arbor  6. Japanese Maple
7. Old Fashion Rose  8. Red Twig Dogwood  9.  Ginkgo Tree
10. Wisteria Vine  11. Glass Balls (rescued from frozen pond)  12. London Pride
13. Holly Berries  14. Euphorbia  15. Stella
16. Euphorbia  17. Euphorbia  18. Scarlet Leader Cotoneaster Berries