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For the last couple days I’ve watched these little red spots (wattles) develop under Licorice’s beak. This morning they look huge! I’m freaking out. Is Licorice a ROOSTER? Can this even be possible?

Please be a hen, please be a hen, please be a hen...

Why am I freaking out? If she turns out to be a he:

  • I’ll have raised three chicks (two last year/one this year). All three would be roosters!
  • We may need to move so we can keep all the chickens. I live IN TOWN! I have neighbors. They tolerate ONE rooster!
  • I may have to send Buttercup back to the farm (my mom’s) since I obviously favor Licorice. OR
  • I may build another coop (put in front yard) and get Licorice a lady friend.

Rooster Fun

Here’s a quick video of my roosters crowing. It appears the volume on this crazy camera isn’t working so you can’t actually hear them crow (Grrr).  I thought you may enjoy seeing how big they’ve gotten anyway.   To better visualize, just picture Brownie’s crow as your typical rooster crow.  Then picture Buttercup’s crow as quiet and deep — not typical at all.

Eventually, I’ll figure out how to take a good video.

Crowing Woes

Just recently my two roosters started to crow regularly, often and at all hours of the night.  Yes, I have two roosters and I live in town!  Earlier this spring I started out with two hens and two baby chicks (all Silkies).  I’ve always secretly known the chicks would turn into roosters since they’ve been battling head to head since we got them at a couple weeks old. 

Since they’re our babies and we raised them from little fuzz balls, we don’t plan to get rid of them.  Fortunatly we don’t have rules against roosters in our town.  I’ve also talked to our immediate neighbors and they’re fine with the crowing.  They even like it. 

I still can’t help waking up every time I hear them crow — with anxiety.  I really do love these little darlings and couldn’t bear sending them back to the farm (my mom’s).  

Just this past Saturday morning I let them out early, since it wasn’t raining, and they just crowed and crowed and crowed their little hearts out — at 6:30 a.m.! I kept shooing them (in my PJ’s) farther away from the house, but sure enough, they’d just come right back to crow some more. 

At least my neighbors both have dogs that bark at all hours of the night and they either want chickens or they already have them.  I am very lucky and so are Brownie and Buttercup.  I guess this means if we ever move, I’ll have to find a rooster friendly neighborhood — and you know I will.

So starting today, I’ve decided I will no longer anguish over the crowing. I will let them crow and hope for the best.  I just wish they weren’t so exuberant.

Buttercup the Cockerel

My chicks have grown up.

Until yesterday, I thought they were both pullets. It all started a couple days ago when I thought Hazel (our hen) was sick since she wouldn’t leave the nesting box. I went into the coop to check on her only to find she was laying on eggs; we assumed she was confused since she wasn’t laying on fertilized eggs.

Hazel wasn’t confused I was.

Yesterday morning, I watched as Hazel and Buttercup did a little dance under my hydrangea and it was then I realized we had a cockerel.

Buttercup the Rooster

Buttercup the Cockerel

Well, nothing appears to have changed with the flock dynamic. I must say this is the only part of having chickens I don’t like – taking fertilized eggs away from a hen that wants to hatch them. Hazel now freaks out daily when we take away the eggs she’s trying to hatch. Before, she just left them for us to pick up. She can’t have chicks right now anyway since it’s almost winter. I may let her have a chick this spring.

Brownie the Pullet (I think)

Brownie the Pullet (I think)

Until then, we continue being horrible people.

Don’t worry. Buttercup is part of the family, he’s not going anywhere. I just wish this was as exciting as a pullet laying her first egg.

Four Chickens Snuggled Together in one Nesting Box

Four Chickens Snuggled Together in one Nesting Box