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Book Review: Grocery Gardening

Me & Grocery Gardening

The first book I want to share with you is called Grocery Gardening – Planting, Preparing and Preserving Fresh Food (Cool Springs Press). I like this book because I love growing veggies and this book has a lot of great recipes, interesting facts and helpful tips.

When I first opened the book, I was pleasantly surprised by the layout.  It starts by giving the basics on composting, pest control, disease and picking a garden location – which is especially important for new veggie gardeners. Then it moves into the specific items you can grow by categories: herbs, fruit, and veggies.  In close it provides additional information on preserving and disease and pests.

I like how the information on the featured herbs, fruit and veggies is easy to read and scan — perfect for people like me who skim read. Each featured item includes six or more pages of facts, fun quotes from the authors, planting & growing information, varieties, produce selection & harvest, preserving/preparation methods and recipes!

In short, it includes the basics on planting, preparing and preserving fresh food.  Just like it states on the cover.

You’ll enjoy this book if you’re starting a vegetable garden, interested in learning more about growing veggies, like to cook and/or just enjoy reading a well designed book on a subject you love. My only complaint is not knowing if I should put this beautiful book with the cook books or the gardening books!

Grocery Gardening was written by Jean Ann Van Krevelen, Amanda Thomsen, Robin Ripley and Teresa O’Connor.  It’s available now – I picked mine up on

Here’s are a few examples of how the pages are laid out:

Beautiful Pictures and Easy to Read

Facts, Fun Author Quotes & Recipes