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Beekeeping Class – Week 1

I have a joke for you. What came first – the chicken or the bee? The chicken wanna-bee!  ha ha ha ha

Anyway, I’m happy to report that my first (of five) beekeeping classes was last night. It was wonderful. I still haven’t decided if I have the energy to keep bees or not — that’s why I’m taking the class. I live in a small city lot at the edge of downtown (with chickens, cats and a dog). I’m pretty sure I can find a spot for the bees but want to make sure I can make the commitment before I jump in.

The reasons I want bees: Read more

Silence of the Bees – A Must Watch PBS Video!

Everyone (especially gardeners) should watch this PBS video on “Colony Collapse Disorder.”  It was required viewing for our Master Gardener training.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not hand-pollinate flowers, crops and fruit trees because we’ve killed off all our honey bees.

Collecting nectar & pollen from our chive blossoms