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How I Created a Pet Friendly Garden

I’m one of those folks that lets my pets run wild in the garden. I have cats, chickens and a dog all playing around and destroying my garden. Here are the top five things I do to maintain a pet friendly garden while staying sane. Read more

What’s Blooming June 15 (or so)

I actually took these pictures yesterday morning but with all the Father’s Day activities I’m just now sharing. By the way, I’m on the bus so I can’t properly label the pictures. I apologize.

The pictures start in the veggie garden and move into perennial beds.

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What’s Blooming May 15, 2012

Well, I think this may be our busiest May yet – of course I haven’t looked back on prior years yet. I’ve been so busy with work, friends & family that I’ve been horrible at posting. Here’s my bloom post (all iPhone) and next I’ll post pictures of my new bamboo fence!

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What’s Blooming April 15, 2012

Here are all my blooms this morning. I used my iPhone 4 with the Ollo macro lens. Read more

My Camellia is Finally BLOOMING!


I have lived in this house for seven years and this is the FIRST TIME this camellia has ever bloomed. EVER. Granted I relocated it right when I moved in and we’ve had some bitter cold weather the past couple years – down to 10°F. The coldest we got this year was more like 28°F.  Plus I added drip irrigation to its base last year and watered over the summer for the first time (during bud development). Normally, I end up with black buds and no blooms.

Plus, I add compost to the garden soil every year in the spring and I mulch.

Any Camellia experts out there want to chime in on how I can get this beauty to bloom every year? I’d love to hear what you think and/or do.