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Book Review: Free-Range Chicken Gardens — CLUCK HERE TO WIN

Since some of you are chicken people and/or almost chicken people I thought I’d pass along this amazing new book ‘Free-Range Chicken Gardens.’

I should start by letting you know that I am actually in the book (pages 27, 51 upper left, 112, 114-117) – not that I’m keep track or anything. But, that’s not why I think it’s amazing. I like to joke that I wish I had this book when I first got chickens – but then I wouldn’t be in it.

I think this book is amazing because it covers everything I’ve had questions on since I’ve had chickens – in an easy to read format.

  • How to incorporate new chickens to the flock
  • Chicken friendly plants (there’s a plant list)
  • Plants poisonous to chickens (another list)
  • Predators
  • Coop design and amenities
  • Why is my sweet hen growling at me (broody)

And because I still have questions. She also talks about chicken breeds, chicken habitat, plans for coop/yard layout, keeping your chickens safe, how to protect your plants, diseases, and more. There are also examples or bios of people who free-range chickens in their gardens.

Plus, it’s important to me that a book be easy to read. I tend to flip through books more than read them straight through. That being said, I love the layout of this book. The headers and topic headings are easy to spot if you want to read through a specific topic. Overall, it’s full of the information I need while including plenty of chicken/garden pictures and visuals.

Disclaimer: I did get a copy of the book to review. Before that, I already purchased a copy of the book for myself and my besty Keri who has chickens. I’ll simply give one to my mom. Plus, I already mentioned that I’m in the book. Oh, and since meeting Jessi (when she came to take pictures of my chickens and garden), I’ve come to consider her a good friend. She’s the real deal.

Update: This contest is over. This means you need to go out and buy the book now!

When Animals Attack


A Tour of our Chicken Coop

We built a coop two years ago so we could get chickens. I really wanted chickens. We started our journey with two hens, Hazel and Henny Penny, and two chicks that both ended up being roosters. We sent one of the roosters to my mom’s farm and kept the white one we named Buttercup. Then last year we got our adored black silkie, Licorice.  So, now we have three hens and one rooster in town.

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared pictures of our coop so, this is me sharing! Read more

What an Egg-citing Day!

I was giddy like a school girl when I saw there was a tiny egg waiting for me in the coop. I’m pretty sure I did a little happy dance. I know it was either Hazel or Henny Penny that popped out the baby egg, since Licorice lays her eggs on the other side of the hen house. My money is on Hazel since she’s not a big egg layer. Read more

Why I don’t have a dog…

Don’t get me wrong — I REALLY want a dog. But, because I already have a rooster (in town) I figure I shouldn’t push my neighbors over the edge with a barking dog. They’ve already mentioned they don’t mind Buttercup’s crows because we put up with their dog barking. Plus, Buttercup is sorta like a dog: he digs in the garden, he crows at any noise he hears in the early morning, he poops all over the yard and he eats my plants.

I suppose I can do without a dog for a little while longer. And I guess I don’t need a pesky dog running around chasing my chickens. Buttercup is worth it.

Buttercup crowing while Henny Penny looks on

Maybe one day…