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My NEW Kate Spade Rubber Boots

I didn’t intend to buy new boots yesterday but just happened to run across these very unique Kate Spade rubber boots and couldn’t resist. After all, my two other pairs of rubber boots are a simple black and I do love cows.  Since I can’t have cows in the city, I can at least have cow print rubber boots.


New York rubber boots in cow print



Front view of my cow print boots



Side view of my new cow print boots!


Hunter Boots Working Hard? Or Hardly Working…

Keri Sue and I at the 2010 Carnation Farm Tour

Remembering Our Sweet Mazie Boo

Our sweet Mazie Boo wondered down the street early Monday morning and was hit by a car. She didn’t make it. We’re very sad she’s gone but feel blessed we got to love her for the last eight months. Read more

Our Walkway is Complete – Wordless Wednesday

Here's our new pathway to our front door. I love it!

Our front walkway is done!! Now to add sod and add finishing touches.

What $10 Soap Looks Like – Wordless Wednesday

Wellington Boot Soaps by Scottish Fine Soaps

I pick these up at Molbaks nursery but they got them from here: Scottish Fine Soaps.