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An Egg has Hatched!!

Ok. Maybe not the egg you were thinking, but I simply couldn’t resist this chocolate egg filled with chocolate chicks that I picked up at Fran’s Chocolates in Seattle. It was too cute and their chocolate is AMAZING.

Egg from Fran's Chocolates

Cute chicks hidden inside the egg!!

The chocolate is so good we’ve already eaten the egg and half the chicks. It’s the little things that bring us joy. What a fun candy creation.

Happy Easter. Happy Sunday. Happy Spring. Happy Day.

In a Pinch, Do You Use Paper or Plastic?

We were in the grocery store last night and only brought one fabric grocery bag. It was supposed to be a quick stop. Anyway, we ended up needing an additional bag and couldn’t agree on paper or plastic. They both have their faults.

Since we couldn’t agree, I thought I send out a poll to see what you all think.

Let me know in your comments why you answered the way you did. I’m interested in your opinion.

Update: I found this interesting diagram in the Washington Post that explains the environmental impacts of both. Click here to read it.

Dates Announced – 2011 SCMG Garden Tours!

The dates have been announced for the 2011 Snohomish County Master Gardener garden tours. All 14 gardens on the tour are maintained by a Snohomish County Master Gardener and it’s only $25 to view all 14 gardens! The gardens are grouped based on location with tours held over five Saturdays (about 3 gardens a day) in June and July.

My garden is part of the tour this year — scheduled for June 18!

Dates & Times

Gardens are open 10 AM – 4 PM

June 18 and 25

July 9, 16, and 23


Tickets/booklets are $25 each and good for all 14 gardens.

Available at the McCollum Park Extension Office: 600 128th St. SE, Everett  Mon. – Fri. 9 AM – 5 PM


Send a check and three postage stamps for each book/ticket to: SCMGF 2011 Tours, 21506 12th Ave W, Lynnwood WA 98036

For information, please call (425) 338-2400.

Click here for a full list of 2011 Snohomish County Master Gardener events.

Books I Haul to Master Gardener Clinics

Before I took the Master Gardener training in early 2010, I mostly bought gardening books full of beautiful pictures that I could “borrow” ideas from. After the training, I found myself picking out books that I could use to help ID plants, bugs and diseases. And because I was hauling too many heavy books when volunteering at clinics, I had to narrow it down to the essential books I referred to most.

Most of the books are specific to the Pacific Northwest. If you’re not fortunate enough to live around here, I’m sure you can find a similar book made for your neck of the woods. Here are my go-to books when helping people with their gardening questions:

Read more

A Picasso Fan is Born

Just the other day we went to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) to check out the Picasso exhibit on loan from Paris’ Musee National. It’s a great exhibit.  I was always under the impression that Picasso created one style of painting, and was pleasantly surprise by his diversity. His creations were made using paint, charcoal, wood, metal, clay, photography and etc. It almost seems as though he would get inspired and grab the first thing in front of him to create his masterpiece.

It was also fascinating to see how his style changed over  50+ years – SAM has his paintings/art in order to show his different ‘periods.’ As an artist he was ever changing, experimenting, growing, and learning. That’s what makes true genius.  I was never a real fan of his art but I’m now intrigued by the artist.

I recommend getting the audio if you see this exhibit. It shares some interesting stories and adds to the experience.  It was fun listening to someone’s opinion on what they thought his ‘message’ was with each piece, because  when they asked Picasso he would never admit their interpretation was correct.  It’s almost like he didn’t want his creations to be solved like a puzzle, but ever flowing and changing like he was.

I also realized I had something in common with Picasso. Chickens. Below is his Farmer and Nude. Surrounded by Hens. I was surprised he painted/sculpted chickens, bulls, sheep, cats and other farm animals quite often. I’ll admit, I went to the exhibit because it was next to my work and I got in for free, and I came out a fan.

Picasso's Farmer and Nude. Surrounded by Hens.

Picasso will be on exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum until January 17. Check it out!