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How I Created a Pet Friendly Garden

I’m one of those folks that lets my pets run wild in the garden. I have cats, chickens and a dog all playing around and destroying my garden. Here are the top five things I do to maintain a pet friendly garden while staying sane. Read more

Busting at the Seams

Most days I want to live in my little paradise forever. Then other days, like today, I think about all the things I want and/or need that I simply don’t have room for. I feel like I’m busting at the seams and my jungle is closing in on me (probably has something to do with the giant aerator that’s blocking the side yard).

Anyway, in an attempt to be organized I made a list of all the things I think I’m missing out on:

  • Bee hives
  • Bocce ball court
  • More chickens
  • Trees of all sizes, shapes and colors
  • A meadow where I can freely blow dandelion seeds and make all the wishes I want
  • Garden beds with properly spaced plants
  • A hot tub
  • An outdoor fireplace
  • More parking (for my future Airstream)
  • Privacy
  • Entertaining

Other than the hot tub and outdoor fireplace ,  I don’t think I’m asking for too much.

To counter balance my ‘feeling sorry for myself’ list, I thought I’d also give the positives of a small lot.

  • Minimal lawn care
  • Save money since I don’t have room for more plants, trees, a hot tub, an outdoor fireplace or an Airstream
  • Less yard to maintain and weed
  • Lush flower beds since I’ve over planted
  • Walking distance to groceries and restaurants
  • My pets are less likely to get eaten by wild animals
  • I get to practice my espalier skills
  • I don’t have enough room for bee hives. Do I really need another hobby?
  • More time to hang out with friends and venture away from the garden from time to time

Who knows what I’ll end up doing. What I do know is that I REALLY want a bocce ball court. There’s always the hell strip on the other side of the hedge or maybe that last bit of lawn? Hmmmmm.

Plus, I can always head over to your house to make my wishes…

Replacing the Reed Fencing…

The reed fencing we’ve had over the last three years has finally succumbed to our wet & windy climate. That means the dreaded chain link is back!

Even though I liked the look of the reed fencing, I want to do something different this time around.

For inspiration I collected various fence pictures on Pinterest until I could make up my mind. In the end I was pretty set on a framed lattice fence with finials on each post. The problem is that I wasn’t sure the lattice would cover the chain link enough. To test this I got a couple panels and observed the coverage over a couple weeks.


The result of the test? I wasn’t happy that I could still see the neighbor’s fence. So, I went out and bought some 4’h x 8’w bamboo panels at Home Depot (online).

This option is a little more expensive than the reed fencing but less expensive than the framed lattice I was hoping to do. I’m happy the bamboo will last a little longer than the reed fencing and provide even more coverage.

Fingers are crossed. I’ll keep you updated with our progress.

Forks Over Knives – A MUST SEE FILM

Forks Over Knives

I finally watched Forks Over Knives last night (on Netflix Instant). Wow, what a eye opener. I don’t even know where to start.

I’ve been toying with the idea of cutting meat out of my diet for years now (ever since getting chickens). After watching the film and seeing actual data on what certain foods are doing to us, I’m even more convinced this is a path I need to go down.

Major eye openers for me: Read more

Beekeeping Class – Week 1

I have a joke for you. What came first – the chicken or the bee? The chicken wanna-bee!  ha ha ha ha

Anyway, I’m happy to report that my first (of five) beekeeping classes was last night. It was wonderful. I still haven’t decided if I have the energy to keep bees or not — that’s why I’m taking the class. I live in a small city lot at the edge of downtown (with chickens, cats and a dog). I’m pretty sure I can find a spot for the bees but want to make sure I can make the commitment before I jump in.

The reasons I want bees: Read more