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Book Review: Free-Range Chicken Gardens — CLUCK HERE TO WIN

Since some of you are chicken people and/or almost chicken people I thought I’d pass along this amazing new book ‘Free-Range Chicken Gardens.’

I should start by letting you know that I am actually in the book (pages 27, 51 upper left, 112, 114-117) – not that I’m keep track or anything. But, that’s not why I think it’s amazing. I like to joke that I wish I had this book when I first got chickens – but then I wouldn’t be in it.

I think this book is amazing because it covers everything I’ve had questions on since I’ve had chickens – in an easy to read format.

  • How to incorporate new chickens to the flock
  • Chicken friendly plants (there’s a plant list)
  • Plants poisonous to chickens (another list)
  • Predators
  • Coop design and amenities
  • Why is my sweet hen growling at me (broody)

And because I still have questions. She also talks about chicken breeds, chicken habitat, plans for coop/yard layout, keeping your chickens safe, how to protect your plants, diseases, and more. There are also examples or bios of people who free-range chickens in their gardens.

Plus, it’s important to me that a book be easy to read. I tend to flip through books more than read them straight through. That being said, I love the layout of this book. The headers and topic headings are easy to spot if you want to read through a specific topic. Overall, it’s full of the information I need while including plenty of chicken/garden pictures and visuals.

Disclaimer: I did get a copy of the book to review. Before that, I already purchased a copy of the book for myself and my besty Keri who has chickens. I’ll simply give one to my mom. Plus, I already mentioned that I’m in the book. Oh, and since meeting Jessi (when she came to take pictures of my chickens and garden), I’ve come to consider her a good friend. She’s the real deal.

Update: This contest is over. This means you need to go out and buy the book now!

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  1. Thanks for the tip on this book give-away! Here in Brooklyn, people are now allowed to keep backyard chickens. It’s starting! I dream of doing this one day, and would love to have such a great resource to help me plan for it. Definitely entering the contest – thanks! It would be so cool to see you / your chickens and their set-up in the book too!


    February 12, 2012
  2. Chickens are the easiest pets I’ve ever owned. But, I have a fenced yard and plenty of plants for them to hide under. I made the choice to keep them free range because I had limited space for a coop and wanted them to run around in the garden. I’m glad you now have the option to get chickens when/if you’re ready. Plus, you have this book as a resource. ;)


    February 12, 2012
    • Thanks! It’s so great that you are able to let them live “free range” in your yard. We have limited space too…and of course we have a yard full of feral cats, which could present other issues – ha! At any rate, we’re not ready YET, but I want to work toward finding a way to make it work and one day getting some chickens, whether it’s here or at the place we one day hope to find in the country. :)

      By the way, I nominated you for a little blog award that is circulating…details are in my latest post. Please don’t feel obligated to do anything with it, I’m just a big fan of your blog and wanted to share it with other people and encourage them to come check you out. Cheers!


      February 13, 2012
  3. This is a great book. I just read it last week, got it from my local library. Thanks for sharing!


    February 13, 2012
    • Wow, your library is fast! I’m glad our local library system understands the importance around raising chickens in the garden!


      February 14, 2012
  4. linda #

    i have wanted chickens forever…finally going to start building what i hope turns out to be a chicken tractor on friday. the book sounds amazing, especially for us newbies. btw, your blog is amazing. i have gleaned a lot of information from your postings. thanks and keep them coming.


    April 4, 2012

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