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2011 SeedGROW Project Kicks-Off Today

There’s no better way to start the gardening season than listening to Renee Shepherd talk about seeds. She is, after-all, the face/name behind Renee’s Garden Seeds. I was fortunate that she made her way up north to our small-town nursery a couple weeks ago. She gave a very inspirational talk on using herbs for cooking, oils, vinegars and gifts. I was so inspired, I purchased her new cookbook (she has two). I can’t wait to make some of her basil vinegars.

Anyway, I’m happy to report I’m participating in the SeedGROW project again this year. There are 12 or so of us bloggers from across the US that received the same three packets of seeds from Renee’s Garden Seeds: Italian Cameo Large-Leaf Container Basil, Summer Splash Marigold and Garden Babies Butterhead Lettuce. We’ll post our seed sowing/growing progress on the 2nd of every month with all posts linked on

Since I’m in Washington (the state) and we’re having a cold/wet/typical spring, I don’t have much progress to report just yet. I did take pictures on May 8 when I started the seeds and again on May 31 for an update. Here they are:

Garden Babies Butterhead Lettuce

Old Crate Pot for Garden Babies Lettuce - May 8

Garden Babies Butterhead Lettuce - May 31

Summer Splash Marigolds

Mickey is pointing out location of Summer Splash Marigold - May 8

I couldn’t tell if the little seedlings coming up were weeds or marigolds so I opted NOT to include an after picture.

Large Leaf Container Basil Italian Cameo

Chicken Planter for Italian Container Basil - May 8

Large-Leaf Container Basil - May 31

I almost snapped a photo with a chicken digging in the pot but it ran off. I guess that’s what I get for planting them unprotected in front of our chicken coop. The next round I’ll cover with hardware cloth to keep the little loves out. It’s not too late for the Basil, our soil just reached 60 degrees so I probably planted the last batch too early anyway.

Because I needed to order a new batch of Italian Cameo Basil, I decided to pick up a couple other treasures from Renee’s Garden Seeds while I was at it. I paid for these out of my own pocket:

  • Basil, Italian Cameo
  • Carrots, Round Romeo (little round balls!!)
  • Carrot, Circus Circus
  • Lettuce, Garden Babies (I already love these)
  • Squash, Trombetta
  • Zinnia, Polar Bear

I’m growing with the SeedGROW project. Thanks to Renee’s Garden for providing us with free seeds!

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  1. What a fun project. I look forward to seeing the progress.


    June 2, 2011
    • Thanks Grace. It’s a lot of fun participating. Since I’m in the moderate PNW and we don’t get really hot summers, I’m glad we’re doing a lettuce this year. Now I feel I can compete! Oh, wait. I don’t think it’s supposed to be a competition. ;)


      June 2, 2011
  2. It’s always good to have a cat garden helper. :) Am curious how our seeds will progress, given our different climates. :)


    June 2, 2011
  3. Haha! I’ve never heard anybody say seedGROW was a competition, but maybe that’s the “GROW” (all caps, shouting) part of the project.

    Too bad about your cheek-ons getting into your chicken planter – let me know if you need more seeds; I think the basil packet is pretty well filled, last time I checked. Would have loved to see a picture of the chicken in there.

    Also, what a treat to get to hear Renee speak! Her sister (and our webmaster) lives in Seattle, so it’s also a nice visit for her when she goes up to talk at garden centers.


    June 3, 2011
  4. I’ve grown Renee’s Garden borage from seed. I found that transporting borage seedlings down 75 km of dirt logging road & then across the harbour to our house was too much for the plants – plus they hate being transplanted. So for a few years I despaired that I would ever find seeds – this is a plant my mother grew with abandon & I consider it a necessary addition to my gardens.

    When I found Renee’s Garden borage seeds, I’m sure I did a little dance & I now have borage randomly popping up everywhere (to my delight)!!

    Good luck with your challenge!


    June 4, 2011
  5. I love that box that you’re using as a planter for your lettuce seeds. I was trying to find something similar so I wouldn’t use my growboxes, but so far no luck.


    June 7, 2011
  6. Yeah that wooden crate is neat. I love your landscaping around the pond. What is that tree above the kitty? I always end up buying a lot of Renee’s seeds too.


    June 7, 2011

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