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And the Winner of the $25 Peaceful Valley Gift Card is…

Before I spill the beans on who the winner is, I’d first like to thank Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet for throwing such a fun cyber book party. Their new book, Garden Up!, was released last week and is available on If you have any interest in gardening, vertical gardening, living walls, espalier, vines, garden art and beautiful garden pictures, you’ll want to check out this book.

To help celebrate the release of their book, seven giveaways were announced last week with the drawings taking place today. So, without further adieu I’m happy to announce the of the winner of the $25 Peaceful Valley gift card is comment #58!

Congratulations to Victoria Tory for winning the $25 Peaceful Valley gift card! The good news is that Peaceful Valley has a three way cherry tree – you’ll just have to espalier the tree yourself! Someone will be in touch with you shortly to get your mailing address to send you your gift card. Happy shopping!

If you want to check out today’s other winners, here are the direct links:

I hope you enjoy Garden Up! as much as I do! Congratulations to all the giveaway winners and to Susan and Rebecca on their new book!

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  1. I’m trying to get a hold of you to chat about an idea I have. Are you willing to chat (email, phone, other)?



    March 21, 2011
  2. Kurt, I have a pretty strict rule that I won’t ‘share’ anything on my blog that I don’t love. That being said, I love Molbak’s and would be willing to chat about your idea. ;)


    March 21, 2011
  3. Tory #

    Thanks so much. I emailed you my address separately but I wanted to say Thanks a million here on the blog. I can’t wait to order my three way cherry tree!!!

    And, I have already ordered a copy of the book which should help me further with my garden!

    Victoria Tory


    March 21, 2011

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