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For the last couple days I’ve watched these little red spots (wattles) develop under Licorice’s beak. This morning they look huge! I’m freaking out. Is Licorice a ROOSTER? Can this even be possible?

Please be a hen, please be a hen, please be a hen...

Why am I freaking out? If she turns out to be a he:

  • I’ll have raised three chicks (two last year/one this year). All three would be roosters!
  • We may need to move so we can keep all the chickens. I live IN TOWN! I have neighbors. They tolerate ONE rooster!
  • I may have to send Buttercup back to the farm (my mom’s) since I obviously favor Licorice. OR
  • I may build another coop (put in front yard) and get Licorice a lady friend.
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  1. Clare from Curbstone Valley Farm knows a lot about chickens and roosters. Maybe you can go by her blog and see if she can help.
    Good luck with your chickens, and hopefully she’s a chicken and not a rooster.


    July 22, 2010
  2. Margaret Mather #

    So Sorry! All My Hens last year were boys and had to leave and two this year! It is so hard. At least your neighbors will tolerate one…not mine. Hope it’s girl waddles.


    July 22, 2010
  3. so if she’s a he…then what the heck are those red bumps? #creepy


    July 22, 2010
  4. Oh, I hope that it’s a she! It would be a shame to loose her.


    July 26, 2010

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