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My ‘Master Gardener’ Mentor’s Garden

On Saturday I had the pleasure of touring the beautiful garden of my friend & mentor.  She supported me through the Master Gardener training and continues to support me today. Not only is she an amazing person, but she has a beautiful woodland garden that was featured on this year’s tour.

There was a lot to enjoy in her garden, but I especially loved all the rebar supports she made for her plants. She actually bends each piece by hand using the setup below. Anyone know what it’s called? I want one and she doesn’t remember where she got it. Every gardener should have one.

Rebar bending post

Boot Planters!!

It appears we have more in common than I thought. As I walked around her garden I noticed three boot planters! I had no idea she had such good taste:

Tiny Work Boot

Grandpa's Boot

Ski Boot Planter

Woodland Garden Walk

I had a hard time capturing the garden’s beauty with my iPhone (I forgot to put the battery back in my camera). Just picture a woodland walk full of shade loving shrubs and perennials mixed with native plants. Keep an eye out for all the artwork and rebar supports:

Hydrangea, rebar & pigs

Kiwi covered patio

Rebar art & support

Nurse log garden

Climbing Hydrangea

Glass ball among woodland plants

Gazing ball


Covered bridge

Broken pot as art

Sweet bird nest art

Woodland garden

Butterfly Garden

Cutting Garden

Rebar as art

Pet Cemetery

Garden Arch

Big Leaf Art

Bowling Ball Art

Love this & already forgot the name

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  1. Wow – gorgeous. I really love all teh garden art. There is a cool garden on Vancouver Island that I like to visit becuase it is created by 2 artists and it always has something fascinating in addition to the plants.


    July 19, 2010
    • That is a gorgeous shade garden. What a fantastic example and you must have a great mentor. Lucky you! I can’t wait to do the master gardener program when my son gets older.


      July 25, 2010

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