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Our NEW Backyard Sanctuary

This past week we finally finished our back patio. We took a little time off in June to visit France and England (it was a blast). But, when we came home to a giant dirt hole, we knew we needed to get the patio finished. After all, we’ve had the stone since April! To speed up the process I invited friends over for a tea party – giving us a week to get it all done.

The main reason for the new patio (beside it’s beauty) is to have a permanent home for our patio furniture and pots. Since we removed the lawn we’ll also have less mowing and watering. Plus, it’s great for our outdoor movie nights.

We used Tumbled Pennsylvania Bluestone since it’s the same type of stone used on the front walkway and we liked the different shapes of the stones. I wanted our patio to look natural and old – not perfect! We even left a space between the stones so a variety of ground cover would fill the gaps. So far the chickens have only eaten/devoured/destroyed the Blue Star Creeper.

To see my inspiration and before pictures you can check out a post I wrote a couple months ago: My Backyard Inspiration Picture.

Here’s my new patio:

New patio looking towards the house.

View of the back of the garage & veggie beds from the house.

Our fire pit & movie watching area. We've even got a spot set aside for an outdoor outlet.

Raised veggie & herb beds.

Pots filled with Creeping Jenny, Coleus, Bamboo, Heather & Midnight Wine Wiegela.

Coleus, Hebe & Variegated Holly.

Containers full of Coleus, Creeping Jenny, Hebe, Heather, Corkscrew Willow & Bonsai Maple.

Container filled with a young Dogwood, Heather, Coleus & Creeping Jenny.

Our backyard is now low maintenance and sustainable. I love it! Now, we relax.

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  1. That is just BEAUTIFUL! It looks so comfortable.


    July 5, 2010
  2. Looks amazing!! I am so envious!


    July 5, 2010
  3. It looks great, I’m sure you’ll get lots of enjoyment from it!


    July 5, 2010
  4. I love the patio and I love the umbrella. But, wait! What is that yellow-green glass tentacle looking all Chihuly-like? Love it!


    July 5, 2010
  5. I love, love, love it! You two did such a great job. I would be out there all the time. Best of all you got it done in time for all the nice weather we’re supposed to be getting. Enjoy your new space!


    July 5, 2010
  6. Susan #

    beautiful. Did you go the whole tamped sand underneath route? Out of curiosity, on outdoor movie night what is your strategy for not forcing your neigbors to hear the movie sounds if they are trying to enjoy a nice quiet evening in their garden?


    July 6, 2010
    • We invite our neighbor’s to the movie night! Plus, we try to keep it somewhat quiet.


      July 18, 2010
  7. Nothing like inviting company over to give you some incentive to getting things done. That seems to be the only time I clean my house!


    July 7, 2010

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