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I AM an Artist. Are You?

Magnet poetry

I was feeling a little poetic last night and came up with this little haiku on my refrigerator.

It may sound a little silly to some of you. But, the more I garden the more I feel like an artist and the garden is my canvas.

It’s also the best stress relief. When pulling weeds, imagine you’re removing negative people/events from your day.

And, since the sun is coming out, that’s my cue to get off the computer and start gardening!

Bring out YOUR inner artist and plant a garden!

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  1. Absolutely – I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes when I pass a particularly garish garden, I can’t help but smile as I think of how much self expression and joy went into making it. And I get so much joy from mine it’s unmeasurable.


    April 30, 2010
  2. Gardening is an art and those who engage in it are artists. I agree with you. Gardening relieves stress and it releases negative energy passed on to you by negative events or people. Poetry writing or writing in general enables you to release and express your thoughts and ideas. Both are worthwile activities. I also love to do both gardening and writing.


    May 3, 2010

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