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Today is National Licorice Day – Who Knew?

We knew our chick Licorice was pretty great but didn’t know she had her own national holiday! That’s right, today is National Licorice Day! I didn’t even know until Elayne from Annie’s Annuals mentioned it this morning (she’s also the one who came up with the name). In honor of Licorice’s big day I made her a crown – she was still attacking it when I left.

Here’s the big crowning ceremony:

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  1. Ok – you’ve officially lost your marbles. That video & post was a hillarous start to my day. Thanks!


    April 14, 2010
    • I lost my marbles a LONG time ago! ha ha Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for coming up with the crown idea. I can take credit for making it and posting a video of Licorice’s reaction online.


      April 14, 2010

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