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Tropical Paradise in Zone 8a

Over the last couple years I’ve become a huge fan of tropical plants with big leaves (and succulents).  It all started after seeing a HUGE Hosta during the Queen Ann garden tour a couple years ago and reading an article about a Seattle gardener who successfully grew hardy tropical plants in his garden (I read this article so long ago I can’t remember where I read it). 

Since I primarily grow perennials and veggies, I’ve decided it’s time to branch out and get a couple more tropical looking plants for the garden.  Last year I grew four Colocasia (Elephant Ears) and LOVED them.  I also have a couple big leaf Hostas that I’ve acquired over the years that are perfect for the shadier parts of the garden.

So far this year, I’ve purchased three more Colocaia and two Agave plants.  I ordered my new plants from Plant Delights in North Carolina.  I’ve heard great things about this nursery so feel pretty good about the quality of plants I’ll receive.

I also plan to purchase a hardy Banana tree and a couple Yucca plants.  This is really the extent of my sunny tropical purchases since this will fill most of the available sunny spots in my yard (after I move some plants).  I’m especially excited about the Agave and Yucca plants since they look great all year long and will add the needed ‘winter interest’ that’s currently missing in my garden.

I figure what I don’t have room for in the garden, I’ll put in pots for our new patio area.  Tropical plants always look amazing in pots.

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