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Saying Goodbye to Brownie

Well, since Brownie has decided to crow and crow and crow at all hours of the night, it’s time for him to move back to my mom’s farm in Omak. There he can crow his little heart out and not worry about waking up our neighbors.  Nobody has complained or called the police. We just want to respect our neighbors and not give anyone an excuse to “ban” chickens or roosters in our town.

This was a very hard decision. We love this little guy and will miss him dearly.  At least we can visit him at my mom’s.

We also felt we needed to get rid of one of our roosters since we currently have two hens and two roosters. This is hard on the hens. We really should have a better rooster to hen ratio.  Since Brownie is crowing loudly and a lot, he helped us decide. Buttercup stays.

Tomorrow morning we’re putting Brownie in a pet carrier and driving him the four hours to my mom’s.  There he’ll start his new life.  My mom has promised that Brownie will get his own pen and two hens of his own – sounds like a good deal.

I bet he’s going to miss his buddy Buttercup – they grew up together and have been inseparable. Sad.

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  1. How sweet the way you care for your chickens. The photos are darling. If only others who work with animals in a larger scale could be so compassionate.


    November 27, 2009
  2. The pictures of them being inseparable are cute. I’m sure Buttercup will take over responsibility for the hens, and all will be well at Chez My Rubber Boots again…Hugs to you, Travis, and the chickens.


    November 27, 2009
  3. Oh how sad to hear this. I understand completely of course but this must have been difficult for you guys. I am so happy to hear that Brownie is going to a good home and that you will be able to visit him. At least you know that he will be happy in his new home and not have the aweful worry that can linger when you really don’t know for sure. Plus you can get regular updates on all his antics.
    Big feathery hugs to you. ((-))


    November 30, 2009
  4. How can they be so cute? I am sorry you had to make such a difficult decision. Brownie will be happy on the farm – maybe Buttercup can visit him now and then? How funny would that be – bringing your pet rooster on a road trip.


    December 2, 2009
  5. I feel your pain, Angela! We had to give away 3 of our roosters and cried each and every time. Lucky for you that you can still visit him at your mother’s! It’s always so heartbreaking saying goodbye to these little guys – but DANG they’re loud!!


    January 5, 2010

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