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Getting Ready for Frost

Well, I knew this day was coming. I even had to scrape the frost off my windshield the other morning. Even though I don’t really believe the weather reports “claiming” we’ll get down to the mid-30’s this week, I figure I’d better be prepared.  Most years I cover the tomatoes with plastic to keep the rain from splitting the fruit as they ripen, this year we’re getting right into the frosty weather.

Under the plastic we have six tomato plants, two pepper plants and a lemon grass.  It’ll all be worth is if we can get at least ONE MORE ripe tomato.

As you can see, I didn’t cover the roma or cherry tomatoes since they’re too wild to enclose. These guys ripen a lot easier anyway.

Hiding Tomatoes From the Frost

Hiding Tomatoes From the Frost

I’ll let you know if it works. I may end up making green tomato jam instead.

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  1. Let’s hope your tomatoes give you another ripe one. Ours, here in the south, have just about run through the tomatoes, due to heat waves and critters eating them. We had a good run, though. Good luck to you with the plastic.


    October 7, 2009
  2. Bummer! I can’t believe that time of year is already upon us.


    October 7, 2009

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