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Front Entry Mini Makeover

Front Urns

Back Yard Urn

Every couple years my front porch starts to look a little shabby. To spruce it up this year, I painted the porch a nice black color and replanted the urns. One of these days I’m going to resurface the front porch with stone and replace the front walk with a more natural walkway. Until then, a new coat of paint does wonders.

Left (front yard urns): Boxleaf Hebe, Aurea Heather, Black Mondo Grass & Scarlet Leader Cotoneaster

Right (back yard urn): Orme Hebe, Spring Torch Heather & Scarlet Leader Cotoneaster

In just a couple hours I went from hating my front porch to accepting it – almost liking it. I bet when the urns fill out – I’ll love this spot even more.

What’s funny is that last time I painted the porch I pretty much just painted it the color of concrete. Then because I picked a laytex paint it scratched off the show the green paint underneath – I hated it from day one.

Front Porch BEFORE

Front Porch AFTER

Click here to see what my house looked like when I bought it in 2005.

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  1. Looks lovely!
    What did you use to paint the front porch this time? I need to do the same to mine. The paint clashes terribly with my front door and it makes me a little crazy.


    March 14, 2010

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