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Elliot Bay Rose Garden

A couple days a week at lunch we walk along the Seattle waterfront, through the Olympic Sculpture Park and down the Elliot Bay Trail. Tucked towards the end of our route is the Elliot Bay Rose Garden.

This waterfront garden gives us the opportunity to “stop and smell the roses” in the middle of a hectic work day.

We stop long enough to stroll slowly down the garden’s single brick path. There’s the scent of roses, lavender and a little salt water; accompanied by the amazing views of Elliot Bay, Olympic Mountains and the city. What a treasure.

The garden is small and takes only a couple minutes to walk through. At our exit, we reluctantly turn around and follow our same route back – to work.

Here are some pictures of the roses, garden and views. I apologize the pictures aren’t “scratch and sniff.” Again, I took them with my phone.

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